Monday, 9 December 2013

Big New Blue Coat

Hey Guys!

New Coat Alert Here! I have managed to acquire a rather large collection of coats this autumn winter season. I managed to buy myself two new coats in as many months! This means in total I have brought a total of 5 coats with me to Uni. Who needs 5 coats?! Apparently Row Bow does. It’s so that I have one to go with every outfit.

This new toasty beaut is from Tesco, surprisingly. My other big pink duffel-like coat is from there too. They are pretty cheap from there too, especially when they are reduced as mine were. This blue one was only £15! I saw it on another bloggers blog and thought I have to have it. Unfortunately I can’t remember who had it first, but if I come across her I’ll be sure to let you know. I love the oversized lapels, it makes me feel so grown up in my smart new jacket. The coat also came in a Black or Red colour, but I have a black relaxed coat. This blue was just so bold and needed as a new colour in my wardrobe! Even though it's Tesco, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. It's pretty darn cosy in there! 

I wore the clothes underneath the coat to work and thought I might as well let you see those as well since you're here! The top is a new sale purchase from New Look and I think the cooler colours of the threads gives the tribal zig-zag pattern a cool winter feel. I kept the rest of my outfit plain and neutral with black leggings and white trainers. The silver necklace and silver studs on the shoes tie in with the silver/grey on the top. Looking back on these photos I think that the top might be a little too short to wear with only leggings pulled up. It just accentuates wide hips and gives a chunkier appearance to my legs. Maybe if I'd have worn the leggings a little lower and flaunted my tum, it would have looked more in proportional. But it is December and I'm not quite that brave!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I really love this coat!its such an awesome colour!and for a total bargain price!:)x

    1. Thanks Stef! It's so snuggley and I feel super smart in it.

      Row Bow

  2. Lovely coat and really like the colour on you


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