Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Little Uni Look

Hey Guys!
Here is a little Uni look for you today and since I'm a Fashion Student you should all listen to me because I obvz know what I'm talking about... JOKE! I have learnt VERY quickly that I am extremely uncool in fashion terms and I am going to have to learn to turn ma swag on if I'm going to get anywhere! We have a lesson once a week where we have had to for the past 2 weeks, share our favourite things in the industry and arts & music. But when the lecturer said favourite he meant cool and new and things other people have never heard of. What was I meant to do? This is Row Bow the totally un-cool, mainstream, Disney-lover who just likes pretty things! But others managed to share their findings and so I've got those to research. I did say a few things others hadn't heard of giving me a few (but not many) cool points. I shouldn't really complain thought because our first project is to visit a list of loads of shops- every girls dream homework! Then we have to blog about it so it's not all bad.

Student Finance have been faaar to good to me since I've been here which means I can afford a little trip to the shops to treat myself every so often (But that really has to stop soon because it's become every week which is far more frequent than every so often!). This dotty skirt is a new purchase from the New Look sale recently. I love the waist as I think it flatters really well and I have a sneaky suspicion that it's the fact there is a big zip at the back, rather than just being elasticated. The way the rest of the skirt fabric falls and is a gathered full skirt create my 'ult fav' skater skirt style piece. It's so girly and floaty, added bonus is that it flares as you twirl (necessary in day-to-day life y'know) Yay! I've teamed it with the denim shirt which can be a little tricky to wear once you decide your signature Denim Shirt style. The rolled up sleeves keep an element of femininity to the look as the full denim skirt all buttoned up can look a little funny on me. It also mirrors the waistband of the skirt nicely and we all know how I like my matchy-matchyness in an outfit. I kept the rest of my look plain black so that the bold polka dot print of the skirt would stand out more and the blue denim shirt was the only boost of colour.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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