Thursday, 7 November 2013

Floral Princess

Hey Guys!
There comes a time in ones life when you just have to accept that you look like a princess. When I wore this look to work that moment came and I am fully embracing it! The orange floral crown is from my Prairie Charms haul, check that bad boy out here. Because it looks like a crown of flowers all the little budding theatricals exclaimed that I looked like a Princess and how wonderful that was. I'm not once to blow my own trumpet, yeah right, but I think complete with the pink lipstick I totally am rocking the princess attire! Well, until you look at the rest of my outfit.

I think it's a good outfit, fo' sho', but its not your typical  princess ball gown. I really like how all the tall slim models can wear these clingy, ankle length black maxi-like dresses. But I'm defo not of that build yet. There's hope for me though, I found another aide to my quest for the perfect figure and it's called a gym. But that costs money and takes effort. So for now I'll carry on wearing the  long dress with a black slip underneath which means that it doesn't show off a VPL and skims more than clings over the tum. A tutor at uni wore an identical dress the other day and looked totes amazeballs in it. She teamed it with black tights and clunky brogue style shoes and her platinum blonde pixie crop. Soo cool, Effortlessly fab! I wore mine with my brand spanking new H&M jacket that only cost £15! Love a bit of a sale! The combination of the dress and jacket gives off a quite grungy feel, and by wearing my little spiked toe trainers I think I exaggerated this. 

And basically that's how you look like a princess. I taught Kate Middleton everything she knows! You're welcome, hehe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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