Monday, 4 November 2013

College Chum Catch-Up

Hey Guys!
This uni work is getting quite frequent now, who knew they expected you to work? As a consequence my blog posts have been severely lacking so soz about that! But here I am with a little outfit from a spontaneous dinner date with an old chum from college. Such an unusual occurrence it is that I decide in the moment to go out that my chum didn't even believe it when I said yes! As we were reminiscing about good ol' college times, she recalled a time when we were discussing life in general. Lisa said,"You know what Row, the best times in life are spontaneous. When you just go with the flow!" And in typical Row Bow fashion I go, "No babes! That is not the way to have fun. I don't know what you're talking about. I need a plan and I need structure to my life." Listen to me, such an old woman!

I decided to wear this pretty purple dress because it was long sleeved and it was a wee bit chilly recently. Not sure if you noticed that St. Jude storm shenanigans that flew past, but that was the weekend after this so it was a little breezy to say the least. (Oooh-Err! Look at Row Bow getting in a little current affairs into her blog post) To contrast the deep purple of the dress I added a long cat-print scarf which I never get to whip out! It sits really nicely with the pearl necklace I wore underneath. Natch I had my tights and leggings combo to keep me toasty, but I wore this with little black dolly shoes. As soon as I got on the tube I was really wishing I'd worn my long brown boots as they would have gone so nicely with my brown aviator coat, but maybs next time. Signature Row Bow Bright Pink lippy and Woo-Hoo ready to soc-al-ise!

As Lisa said, getting my Tyra Banks on to the right.

This album has been out for a week now but I cannot stop hitting that repeat button! Union J's creatively named debut album Union J is finally available for me to get my grubby little mitts on (I mean well cleansed and beautifully polished mitts, this is Row Bow we're talking about!). The album has a little mix of a few different sounds but with the overall Union J vibe to it. Soon to be making their way onto my most played playlist are Loving You is Easy, Where Are You Now and Save the Last Dance. Time to get this part-ay started riiiiight?!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Spot on Tyra banks pose xD Hope you had a lovely time with your old friend, gorgeous outfit! New follower :) L xo

    1. I'm doing my best smeyes/smize, can you tell? HeHe!
      Yay, I hope you enjoy the Row Bow experience!

      Row Bow


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