Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tartan Tuesday

Hey Guys!

Ready for day two of more school work? Thought you were! Today I had a pretty uneventful day compared to all the bread making yesters. Defo more of a runing errands for the teacher while the kids did P.E kind of day. Everytime I came back the teacher was like, 'Are you done already? Woah! You're the most efficient person ever!' Well, what can I say? I do try, I guess its the Row Bow charm! I spent the morning working with the same gaggle of children I worked with yesterday morning. They were writing recounts about their recent school trip and I was really getting into it. I reckon I could have written my own account by the end of the week. It would be such an exciting read, considering I didn't even go!
I’m wearing another piece from my Karma Clothing order, the Tartan Dress. Tartan is a MAJOR trend for this Autumn/Winter Season and if you're not feeling brave enough for trouser plastered in the print then a dress is a good alternative. I love the prints with a bold red background as I think I'm definitely a red kind of person compared to other popular tartan colour combos like blue and green. The black print on the red dress easily allows you to accessories the rest of the look with black pieces. I went with black tights, dolly shoes and a wide elasticated waisted belt. I chose such a wide belt because as I mentioned in my Karma Clothing haul post, the back of the dress is quite baggy and the width of the belt is ideal for holding me all in and all together! The dress has small shoulder pads swith gives a really nice, solid structure around the neckline. I think it works particularly well because it sets up a straight horizontal lines for the vertical lines of the tartan print to follow on from. If that made any sense to anyone, because in my head it's totally logical! I added a reasonably short granny pearl necklace and a large silver antique-inspired ring. I think that these little additions give a kind of vague granny-chic vibe, but only slight as it is still pretty modern compared to a typical granny ensemble.

I even joined in with the netball club with the addition of my little white spiked trainers. The kids thought they were pretty wicked!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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