Monday, 28 October 2013

Princess in Pink

Hey Guys!
This is my little outfit for the 4th day of my spontaneous week of work experience back at a local Primary School. Today had an afternoon full of the lessons that nobody really enjoys at primary school, R.E and History. Well, I never liked them! For half of the afternoon I was backing up a collection of files to send to a little film maker for a Send my Friend to school proj the kids worked on before summer. Some of my amaze camera-woman skills put to good use in that! So when I came back into the classroom the kids were well under way with their worksheets about history- the Tudors... I think...? A few kiddies from my little group that I'd been working with during Literacy that week, were stuck with the questions and finding their answers. Most of them had managed to make their way onto the second page- which I got the hang of pretty quickly. Pretty chuffed with myself, not gonna lie. But then one little boy from the group was still plodding his way through the first worksheet so I went to help him as the rest listened to the story at the end of the day. I genuinely feel I was making his learning a little easier, but who knows if he's remembered any of it. I haven't!

(In my best Troy Mcclure voice) You may recognise the dress from such posts as So...? Fragrance Event with @Bloggers_Love and I think that's actually the only one so far! But here it is again is a combination more suitable for work. I scrapped my hair up into a sock bun and placed my pretty Prairie Charms bow at the front (like how I styled it in this post). I'm not too sure about the black cardi on top but to keep me warm during the little walk, it does the job. The buckle on the belt it golden to it makes sense to work golden jewellery into the rest of the look. I don't think a long necklace would have worked very well because of the addition of the waisted belt. Also, it might be tricky to work a chunky necklace due to the boat neck. Not impossible, but it would require a good look for the right necklace. I've slicked on a little candy pink lipstick (BarryM Shade 146) which handily matches my hair bow! 

I don't know the singer but I am loving this song. It's called Andreas Schuller -Disney Land 2013 on soundcloud (that's where the link goes) but it's so beautiful and majestic and just like how I imagine a Princess at Disneyland would be mixed with a bit of a funky beat! Oh, please SOMEBODY pack me in their suitcase! Understand I only want to go to Disneyland and nowhere else in your suitcase, hehe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Love this dress and the leather sleeves! :)

    I'm a new blogger and would be grateful if you'd take a look at mine over at

    1. Thanks it's one of Primark's finest, HeHe!
      How exciting to be a new blogger! I still think of myself as a new blogger as there are so many blogging opportunities I've yet to experience. You'll have a ball, I guarantee!

      Row Bow


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