Thursday, 31 October 2013

Last Day of School (For Now!)

Hey Guys!
This is the final outfit from my extra week of work at a local Primary school.Sob! But if you fancy catching up on the other posts here they are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. This outfit was for the Friday which is Swimming day. I really liked going swimming with the kids earlier in the year but I had tights on so I got wet feet. I didn't wear tights any other Friday I was there, just in case they wanted me to go again. But I had completely forgotten and just my luck I went swimming again with my tights! I don't actually hop into the pool, just supervise around the edge of the pool and keep the minibus driver company. But if you have shoes on you have to put blue shoe covers on, which I thought were waterproof. However, after the session the kids informed me that they are purely to keep the dirt off the floor and not to keep your feet dry. So I ended up with wet soggy tights, nice one Row Bow! Then when we were in the lesson I was paired with the only supplied swimming teacher, who I had been warned was a 'character'. Standing over the other side of the pool she told me she had been staring at my skirt and couldn't work out if it was see through. That's nice isn't it? It's not as if there were small children in the water that you were meant to be keeping an eye on,so they didn't drown or anything! She decided to re-arrange the fabric of the skirt and stare at it again. Not that I really had a choice in the mater. But she finally came to the conclusion that, 'Nope, it;s not see though. You just have thick legs.' Naww, thanks! How flattering! NOT!

I usually try to end of a finale outfit so they remember how gosh-dang awesome I am, but this was literally put together in a morning frenzy! I don't tend to wear an all white ensemble because of my (what can be) verging on luminously pale skin. The combination makes me look a little ghostly, and not in a beautiful ethereal way! But I've added the thick grey tights, green cardigan and orange floral crown (my princess crown as some might say!) to liven up the colours of my look and create a barrier between my skin and the paler clothing. The necklace was my new one from Sister Vintage It might not link so well with the rest of the colours, which are all a little higgledy piggledy anyway, but as per my slick of bright pink lippy finished the look!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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