Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cheerleader Swag

Hey Guys!
Another insightful work look here! I’m wearing another one of my new purchases from Karma Clothing. Thoroughly recommend you check them out since everything is so affordable and delivery is amazingly quick!

I’m wearing my Cheerleader oversized top. It prompted one five year old to ask, ‘Have you been to football this morning?’ Considering I start work at 9am, I told her that I didn’t have any time to go to football as well as I’d been asleep. Then she thought I was still wearing my pyjamas! I don’t know, these 5 year olds have no sense of Fashion, HeHe! Then the pianist at work thought I may actually perhaps be a real Cheerleader. I wish! The best I can do is a roly-poly and a star jump.  I wore the red varsity style top with my baseball/varsity jacket. They make a good team, oozing the American football vibe. Ha, Look at me I’m nowhere near beefy enough to even attempt American Football!

I added my golden chunky chain necklace to get more street vibe going on. I’m going to risk it here, bear in mind that I’ve only read one article on this word and I know some people still may find it offensive. So soz in advance! But I would describe the effect of adding the chain necklace and the way it works with the rest of my outfit as a little ‘ratchet’. Oops, there I go, I went and said it! Obvz I don’t really have the whole ratchet affair going on but my little necklace gives a slight nod to the look.

The weather has been so funny recently. Super cold and maybs even foggy first thing in the morning but then nice and sunny and dare I say it warm from lunchtime. So since it was a little muggy when I put this ensemble on I went for leggings to keep me warm. Also I think the top is just a smudge short to wear at work with nowt underneath. I could have worn trainers to continue the sporty theme. But I decided to continue the dark tones of the leggings by wearing my sparkly boots. I haven’t worn these for aggggeees! I guess it’s the first sign winter is on its way.


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