Monday, 21 October 2013

A Hearty Harvest Festival

Hey Guys!

On my third day at 'work' we celebrated Harvest Festival so I thought I would be a little smarter since it was like an assembly in front of all the parents. Now, I myself don’t mind a quick 20 minutes sesh at church with songs and prayers. But this service went on for an hour and 10 minutes! When you think that there were children from ages just turned 4 to 11, that is a ruddy long time for them to pay attention and even sit for. I was struggling myself, some of the kiddies decided a natter to their mums at the back was more what they wanted to do.  But I did get to belt out some of my fave harvest jams, like, “CONKERS, I’m collecting CONKERS, I’m trying hard to find the biggest and the best!” Insert innuendo where you see fit...

Onto the look. I bought this skirt near the beginning of my summer hols, waaaaayy back in May/June time and was really excited to wear it. But anything I paired it with just looked a bit secretary and less super hip. 'Secretary', I believe is the official dress code for working at a school so I was good to go! The skirt is a really nice shape and sits well when worn. It’s from H&M. I picked out the white and navy tones to complement the rest of my look with the skirt.  The necklace was a thank you gift from one of the teachers when I worked there over summer. The kids were fascinated with it. I don’t find it goes with a lot that I wear, thus haven’t shown it to you guys yet. But I think it sets a little quirky vibe to this outfit. As well as the addition of my large heart shaped clip. The older girls at the school liked that. Pretty sparkles!

Oh, Hey-Hey! Say hello to my (not so) little friend Lily-Dog! She is totes adorbs! Sooooo cute and a huge softy!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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