Monday, 16 September 2013

Sister Vintage Haul

Hey Guys!
I was lucky enough to get a Bloggers' 35% off my recent order at Sister Vintage. I read into the brand a little before I made my purchases. The idea is really sweet, three sisters (Laura, Sara and Emma) set up this vintage inspired business. They sell a collection of jewellery on their bigcartel website, which is where I was shopping. Their pieces are all astonishingly cheap for the glitz they provide! Since I had my little 35% off, I thought I'd do a little haul with my own sister and share with you what we bought.

First of all, I have to show you the packaging! Look how cute the little parcels are inside. I even got a little label with my name on it! It really is about the whole customer package.

Mystery Goody Bag:
My sister and I decided to be wild and get a Mystery Goodie Bag, OOOooooH! Neither of us have pierced ears, so we were a little worried we'd get something neither of us could wear. But there's a handy option to get a goody bag for Pierced or Non-Pierced ears. How lovely! This is what we got. I actually already have the Owl Necklace and have previously posted about it, here. My friend got it for my birthday, so I let Sister JK have that. I really like the triple cross charm on the hair tie, but I'm infamous for breaking my hair ties. I think once the inevitable happens I'll use the charm for a new ring bracelet combo. The third item we got was a quirky trouser charm necklace. I'm not totally in love with this, but it's fun to get surprises! But the chain for the necklace is a really good length to transfer another necklace on to. Or what I'm thinking is to use the chain for the ring bracelet combo I make with the hair tie charm. For only £2, I think we did very well! A fun idea if you was a little pressie in the post.

Sister JK's Purchases:

Sister JK decided to buy a little set of cool bracelets. Initially torn between Black & Pink or Black & Silver skull bangles, I persuades her to get the Black and Silver combo as it goes better as a set with the quirky golden bones bracelet. The bangles are just the right strength of metal (I suppose you'd call it) to bend into a smaller shape to fit little wrists better.
Sister JK says: 'JK's Thoughts and Ting: I really love my Sister Vintage purchases! However, I have found the adorable, gold bone bracelet has a rather stiff clasp (but I'm assured Row Bow can fix that for me!). In addition to this the lovely gold colour has begun to wear away. Row Bow has suggested that I put some clear nail varnish on each of the little bones to retain the colour so it's not the end of the world but it's still a shame. That said, for the price I paid I'm otherwise extremely happy with everything I bought! I may put money down on that pink skull bangle yet but I love the black and silver ones I already have! '

Row Bow's Purchases:

Now for my Haul. I just clicked Add to Basket on everything that looked pretty, I couldn't help myself! Firstly, I love the scissor double-ring piece. It is such an original idea and is definitely eye catching. I thought it might have been a really pair of scissors, but I suppose with Health and Safety it's probs for the best its just a metal form of scissors! As you can see in the image the scissors are quite large and spread over 4 fingers in length. Keeping with the double-ring theme (what can I say? I love them!) I got a simple silver large cross ring. I have wanted one of these for aggggeeeesss and I'm so glad I waited until I discovered Sister Vinatge to get one. Its the perfect size as it runs just over 2, nearly 3 fingers. It also has adjustable rings, as does the scissor ring, which is ideal for my deceivingly wide fingers. The final ring I bought was too cute to not purchase. I think it's really original as it's a Crocodile's head around your finger. So it looks like he is eating you're finger! So clever. This one isn't adjustable, and they only had Medium so it fits but it needs a good wiggle to get off.


As well as my collection of rings I bought myself a really cute and dainty arrow bangle. I think its really subtle and perfect to wear during the day or night. I just love it! It's so pretty and sparkly but also really elegant and classic. This is also a good weight of metal to change the size and bend it appropriately. Watch you don't contort it too much though otherwise I'm sure it could break! The last item that snuck into my online shopping basket is this fun long necklace with a pair of what I thought we're binoculars, but Mumma Bow has informed me they are Opera Glasses. Oh la la! It's shorter that the trouser charm necklace we got in the goodie back, but not by too much.

All that and postage for £14.25. Phew! 3 Bangles, 3 Rings, 2 Necklaces, 1 Bracelet and 1 Charmed Hair Tie all for under £15 is such a steal! I recommend you go and check them out. As I've written this post I've seen that they've added little scrabble letter rings. Oh Man! Another piece I've been looking for for a while! I MUST RESIST!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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