Saturday, 28 September 2013

Project Blogger with Prairie Charms

Hey Guys!
Today's post is all about my purchases from Prairie Charms. I am doing this as part of their Project Blogger, which is a fab idea that includes all bloggers and donates to the charity GOSH. For this Project I have decided to take beautiful portraits of my sister and myself wearing our gorgeous hair pieces. Yes folks, this is another haul post with Sister JK.

Let's start with JK. She decided on the Effie Bow in a Midnight Blue tone (Top Image) and also the Suri Crown with white flowers (lower image). Doesn't she look cute? The littler of the two glitter bows Prairie Charms offers, works best with Sister JK's short crop as it appears more in proportion with her bonce. The midnight blue colour works really well with the reddish tone to her hair, also. She was contemplating a bolder blue, but the navy hues means it perfect for day or night wear. The white flower crown works well against any un-natural coloured hair as it really allows the two contrasting tones (white and the colourful hair) to stand out against each other without looking garish.

Now it's time for Me, Me, Me! HeHe! I decided on a selection of really girly items, as well as my own versions of JK's purchases.
This cute Aaliyah Bow was actually a free gift due to our combined order costing over a certain amount of £££s. I hadn't chosen it initially, but I am actually pretty chuffed that it came as a little freebie since I think its' a great addition to my hair accessories collection. This is because it's a lot tamer than most of my pieces and it would be super for injecting a little Row Bow essence into a more serious/smarter look. I think it looks totes adorbs at the front of a sock bun. Or at the back of a bit-up-bit-down style.
Next up is a very sweet little (or rather quite significantly sized) Maddie Glitter Heart Clip. I chose a red glitter for this piece because with a heart shape there really is no other choice you can go for! I think that the vivid poppy red colour matches with my dark chocolaty hair soo well. It a lovely lightweight clip  so you could pretty much place it anywhere. I went with the side of a sock bun. 

Another item that slipped its way into my shopping basket was a larger version of the bow JK bought. I went for the Farah Glitter Bow in Candyfloss Pink. I'm thinking of starting to go a little more profesh with all this blogging malarkey and take some signature Row Bow photos. This is what I intend to use the bow for, however in the mean time I think it looks really cute and girly against a backdrop of my curly locks.
My final purchase was this orange flowered Olivia Crown. I am a fan of my floral headbands and I had to pick this one up as I don't have any little flowered bands. Mine tend to go along the lines of, 'Go big or go home!' So this is a nice little addition, also the orange colour is a lot bolder than my other paler crowns. The flowers themselves have a nice texture to them. Most floral headbands have fabric flowers that might fray at the edges. But these flowers are made out of a squishy material that I can only describe as a kind of soft sponge feel. This means that they won't fray or get spoiled as easily.
And those are my pretty little pieces and pretty little portraits. Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to check Prairie Charms out.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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