Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Karma Clothing Haul

Hey Guys!
These past few weeks, my poor little bank card has been exhausted as this is the second out of three haul posts. I'm sorry little card! But at least it made me happy. This time I had a little venture onto a clothing brand called Karma Clothing . I first saw their Batman skirt on a wishlist somewhere. I instantly fell in love and decided to mooch around the website. It is all pretty decent value as well, I couldn't find many things I wanted that cost over £10. Ideal for student shopping! They have allsorts of deals like Student Discount, First order % off and Free delivery over ££s. The pieces are really cool, I can't think of any other word (well, the Christmas Jumpers are more Fun than cool. HeHe!). A lot of the clothes are the kind that I think you'd see Little Mix in. The selection of styles on Karma Clothing is very eclectic and they build their collection around catwalk trends.

'Do you want to look A-List without a celebrity salary? Don’t get in a frenzy over a fashion fix – Look Cool. Stay Calm. Go Karma.'

So true!

These are all the pieces I bought. I haven't styled them particularly well, otherwise you wouldn't have anything to see when I actually do wear them out!

Batman Skirt.
I love this Skirt! It came in a Red/Green combo aswell, but I think this Pink/Blue combination is far more Row Bow! I like the addition of the braces-like straps. They cross at the back. Because the straps are quite long, the waist sits a little lower than my natural waist. I find the skirt is a little short for nothing to be worn underneath, but it might be different on you. The fabric is kind of Swimming-costumey (as one of the kids at work described it!). I love the amount of fabric in the skirt because when rested the skirt takes such a full skater-style skirt shape.

Cheerleader Top.
These basketball/cheerleader style tops have been seen everywhere over the festival period. Jesy from Little Mix is a particular fan! I really wanted my own that I could style like Jesy's and wear it almost like a dress. Check out my Jesy Nelson montage below!
Usually I look really silly in oversized pieces. I run the risk of swaying towards the toddler-dressing-up-in-Mummy's-clothes vibe, instead of appearing street/cool/#don'tcare! Other colours were White & Black or Royal Blue & White. I think Red is defo my colour out of those options, really eye-catching.

How Ya Doin' Music Vid, SourceSource, Source.

Tartan Dress.
Tartan is a big pattern trend for Autumn/Winter 2013/14 so I had to get myself in on the act! I chose this dress because I'm not to sure if the tartan trouser affair was really my thing. This dress is made of a thin material that has some stretch to it, so it easily adapts to a bodycon shape. The only negative thing I found was that it is baggy on my back and doesn't cling like it does around the rest of me. I think this is due to the thin nature of the material. It isn't heavy enough to stretch itself back into place after covering my huuuge boot-ay!

Sister JK's Purchases:

Skull Print Top and Leggings.
JK is a little bigger than me, but the sizes she ordered aren't a bad fit on me! I've snazzed up these pieces since I won't be the one wearing them out and about. (Also, she's literally just buggered off to Germany for a year so I won't even be able to nick them from her room. No Fair!) I actually really like the crop top, it's a really nice fit. The wide elasticated band at the bottom makes me feel super secure. If you're not so confident with flashing your stomach try wearing it as a peek-a-boo top underneath a shirt.
The leggings were a little big on me, but don't they just make your legs appear to go on FOREVER! The Monochrome pallet will continue to trend through this season, so pick up a pair! I think the gathering of the leggings around my ankles is a good change in texture before cutting off the bold pattern.

Black Evening Dress.
Here She is Folks! Sister JK posing in the third of her purchases, a black bodycon dress. This dress is from the thicker kind of bodycon material. Reminds me of Hervé Léger Style dresses, but less bondage-y. It is a great fit on a more womanly figure, as it slides over your curves and creates a great silhouette.

Believe it or not this isn't a sponsored post, I just love Karma Clothing clothes. Amazingly quick delivery (I think 2 days, ordered on the 4th and arrived on the 6th!) and my orders arrived with 15% off my next order. Oh, go on then! If I must, HeHe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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