Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I Met One Direction!

Hey Guys!
I'm sure it's obvious what this post is about from the title. I met One Direction, AAAHHHH!... Well, their cardboard cut-outs anyway. I know that was cheeky of me. I'm sure it's really hard to meet them and even with a face like mine, not even this girl could meet them. I didn't just randomly have my picture taken with a cardboard cut out of them, I went to see their new film, This is Us. I went with a buddy I've known since primary school who I knew was slightly inclined to a little One Direction viewing. It was actually sooo good. It showed the true personalities of each boy and we got to see a little of their families and how much they miss them. Soo cute! I saw it in 3D (not easy for a glasses wearer) which was only really valid for the concert parts of the film. It made it feel like I'd gone to their O2 concert for only £8. Total barg! I almost started singing along to She's Not Afraid -personal fave. Then there is a cheeky cover of a momentous song from my childhood. I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it yet. But I love any covers of that track.

Like my double glasses look? I think it will catch on! So tricky trying to get the 3D glasses to actually rest over my eyes and NOT half way down my face!
Today was meant to be really hot and sunny, however, as I left the house it was a little breezy. But I decided to put my trust in the weatherman and go with bare legs. However, walking down to road to my buddy, I instantly regretted my dress decision as it would not stay down! It had a life of its own. Cheeky! Smoother terrain in town so it wasn't so bad. It was definitely sunny and warm after the film so now the weatherman has my total trust, we were meant to be together.! TeeHee #tangent! I put the denim shirt over the top to keep it looking really relaxed. It is also a nice contrast to the busy floral print of the skirt. I love the combination of the shirt and a lightweight scarf. I think they go so well together, similar tones.
Who likes my shoesies? They are a new purchase from my holiday spending. I think they're super cool. White, silver and studs? My feet have never looked to fancy! Also, fun fact alert, the shop had really weird sizings so they are a size 5. Woo-hoo, breaking into regular people territory.

There isn't really any question about it, is there? The music has to be One Direction based for this post. Placing highly on my most played are Loved You First and She's Not Afraid. And taking it back, old-skool style, from The X Factor I like the very first 1D song Torn. Just a few suggestions. What are your favourite 1D songs?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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