Monday, 12 August 2013

Trip To the Cinema En Famille

Hey Guys!
On Saturday it was finally time to make a long awaited family trip to see Monsters University. O.K. So I may be a way over the age of it's target audience, but Monsters Inc is part of my childhood! I had to see how it all stared. I have been having such a lazy time at home. Me and my little sister have been having a couple of movie days and we watched Monsters Inc as prep for MU. I'm glad we did since I happened to notice a few links and familiar characters between the two. The new film wasn't as funny, I don't think, as its predecessor but I'm glad I finally got round to seeing it. It was still a really good watch.
Since I was going to be sat in a dark room for 2 hours I didn't think my ball gown and feather boa were appropriate (I'll save them for a special occasion, hehe!). I haven't worn my Barbie leggings much at all since I got them in June. I wore them with my matching white top last time, seen here. But I thought I'd pair it with a black top here and threw my denim shirt over the top. Apart from pink, there aren't really a lot of colours that you could pick out to co-ordinate a top with on the leggings. There are a few darker parts to the print, but I didn't realise how tricky the versatility of the leggings would be!
I've currently got my nails displaying a pretty gradient of purple. Keep an eye out in the next few months I'll show you the outfit I did them to match with! Such a tease! 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I loved the new film!
    Nails look lovely.
    Lovely meeting you on Thursday!

    1. Thanks Sophie!
      Good to meet you too. Great Blog!

      Row Bow


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