Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sunday Market

Hey Guys!
This Sunday I went to the local farmer's market to see if I could pick up any bargains. Last time I came I managed to pick up a decent sized purse for only £2.50. I was looking for a new purse because after 3 years, well 2 with the fastening actually working, the £2.50 purse had had it's best really. I was also tentatively keeping an eye out for a snazzy satchel for Uni in September. I love a good market and car boot because it you get such good deals and I like that it isn't full of big brands and labels. I did manage to find a purse, almost exactly like what I was wanting. I really like the Ted Baker colourful taxi print purses, but with them being £99 I'm not sure I could class is as a necessity. One stall had a selection of purses and amongst them was a similar designs to the Ted Baker design. For only £10. I still had my heart set on the real TB piece so I was Umming and Ahhhing at the stall, so she let me have a £1 off if I took it. Yay Me! This is the Ted Baker Purse. Image Source Here.
And this is my purse...
Pretty matchy-matchy, hey?!

The top I wore is a new one from my Kylie haul yesterday. It has neon yellow and orange dotted stripes running across it. Depending on your computer screen, I'm not sure how clear it is since they are so tiny. It is a little cropped for the height of the trousers, so I wore a  little vest underneath it. Unfortunately you can see it peeking though in of the photos. Now, usually I would have looked through the photos and re-shot them. But as I went to take my photos against a market-like background, i.e. one of the stalls, the trader decided to become director of the mini-shoot. He moved me to the backdrop he thought would look best then was telling me to smile more and pose. Then when I took my cardi off he thought I was stripping. He was a little too friendly for my liking! After my photos he almost went for my Mumma and tried to chat her up. He was like, "Now for one of me and Mum. Ahh, Dad would not be happy, no? Then you get kicked out and I find where you live..." #Creepy! I swiftly removed her from the awkward situation.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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