Sunday, 25 August 2013

Not an Orange Wednesday

Hey Guys!
We had a second day in the city where we went to see a little (I mean VERY little) show. I did not enjoy it at all, so I won't name and shame. Basically, thought I was a little Whovian, turns out I'm really not! After that we had a picnic-like lunch and then were meant to go for a little shop about the time.When is there ever not an appropriate time to shop? But as the fam were waiting in a posh coffee shop, Big Sister decided to take nearly 45 minutes to 'pop in and pop out' of the shop she wanted to go to. So that ruled out any Row Bow shopping time. Hurrumph! Instead we had a look at a little (again, I mean VERY little-it was along the corridor of a couple of flights of stairs) print exhibition.
It was a funny day. Weather wise, it was one of those cardi on, cardi off, cardi on, hoodie on, hoodie off, rain mac on. Cray, Cray! I've gone very orange in my look for today. I brought the orange crop top with me as I was convinced it might be quite warm. I was very wrong. But it's not too chilly with a white cardigan and orange floral hoodie with it. I wore tight underneath my leggings as I was concerned of a potential VPL. The top doesn't really cover my bum, just skims it really hehe! But with the addition of tights I feel suitabley covered. After my revelation yesterday, it think most of my outfits this week will be with my trainers. But hey, maybe you'll be able to see different coloured socks peeking out around my ankles. Today they were black. Fun Fact!
My fringe is not playing game in this weather so I french braided it along the top of my head to keep it out of the way. I put in a golden plaited headband to match the braid. To spruce up the look I added my golden spiked necklace and a ring. It shows that those kind of necklaces work with other tops apart from just collared shirts and dresses. I've even got my orange lippy to blend in with the orange theme.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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