Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lovely Ladylike Leopard Print

Hey Guys!
I realised that other day that I’ve never posted about this beaut of a dress. I’ve had it soo long, well like 5 years I think and I manage to whip it out every summer! The shape is what really drew itself to me. I think that it is a really modest and sensible deisgn, but the leopard print mixes it all up and makes it more eye catching. I actually thought this was one of my longer dresses in my wardrobe, but it only just reaches my knees! But theres lots of additional fabric which makes it appear more covered up.
As the dress is so ‘Sha Pow, I’m here! In your face!’ I don’t think it really needs any additions to finish the look. Due to the style on the neckline I think that a little blue denim jacket and a quiff with a pony tail (instead of the braided fringe I’ve worn here) would inject a real 60’s look. Especially with the fuller longer skirt and denim jacket mix. Little white lacy gloves and a small silver pendant would really finish that look. Ohhh, I can just picture it now and I’m seeing a look that actually oozes Madonna in the 80’s. Keep your eyes peeled folk, you can expect that outfit coming to a computer screen near you soon, HeHe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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