Monday, 26 August 2013

Just a Little Bit More Shopping

Hey Guys!
After two busy days making trips into the city, we decided to have a quite day bumbling about the town instead. It's a very shirt walk into the town centre from where me and the fam are staying, so it means there's no long walk back to the car struggling with heavy shopping bags. I made the most of this and may have splashed out a little in M&Co. Yes, as you see from my photos below I may have gone a little wild in the teen section, Kylie. Back at home the M&Co have had a little switch-a-roo and the Kylie section is much smaller and now sans Sale Section. Instead reduced to a small rail. Oh, the Horror! But here on holiday the Sale Section was rather plentiful and it was all in my size. Hooray! (Well, I say my size. We all know the highest it goes is 13+ and I'm just 13+ a few more figures than I'm sure the shop intends!) I did try on a couple of dresses which I'll admit were definitely a wee bit on the short side, but the jumpers and cardigans are super finds. I wouldn't say I'm particularly small, but I am particularly skint and scrooge-like. I'll show you the pieces I bought as I wear them. I got 2 cardis, a jumper, a pair of jeans, some super dope trainers and 2 pairs of earrings (starting early on the old Christmas shopping!) all for only £38. You just need to know where to look and you'll find a total barg! I read the receipt afterwards and it said it would have been £100 exactly if they weren't all in sales. Phew, I saved myself a pretty penny there didn't I! (Although, i'm pretty impressed for getting £100.00 spot on.)
It was a bit dark and dreary yesterday and ended up raining just before we took the photos. You can tell I didn't take a holiday trip to the sunny shores of Barbados with the weather I've been reporting. I kept it very simple as it was quite a lazy day really. But I thought I'd keep you in the loop of my holiday and then it's also like a little diary for me. I wore my leggings, a baggy batwing-style pink top and a black cardigan. I decided to belt the top to make it look like I had put some sort of effort into my look. In my hair, I decided to wrap the scarf from earlier in the week, around it. I hoped it would show you how versatile one piece could be, which is essential for holiday packing. I made it into a big bow for Row Bow, yay!

Oops! Classic Row Bow, doing her coat up on the wrong buttons. Nice work. It's hard work being me y'know, HeHe!

We also went into some charity shops about the town, and as well as picking up Sex and City film for less that £2, I bought... Drum Roll Please...The Britannia High CD. Woo-Hoo! Party at my place! I'm not ashamed to say I've had it on repeat since I got it. So that's my music note for this post. My fave songs on the CD are Picking Up the Pieces, Watch This Space and Changing Man. I also like Overnight Sensation and You Got Nothing On Me, but they're not on the disc.
Oh, Good Times!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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