Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sports Day!

Hey Guys!
Just a quick Post to show you my sports day outfit, obviously for when the school I'm working at atmo (We all get that's at the mo don't we. Not sure if I ever established that) had it's Sports Day. The colours were the standard Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. So by going bright pink I thought it would be obvious that I was in a league of my own and totally unbiased. But all the Red team thought I was supporting them. Secretly I was since that was my group back when I was at school. I'm pretty impressed with myself that I managed to find a matching pair of shorts. There's black writing on the back of my top with my name since it was from when I was in the Netball team in Year 8 (so cool), so my black shorts match nicely. The fact that the sports brand logo (Nike with the tick I think? Shows how much I like exercise) is visible makes it look like I care enough about sport, exercise and generally keeping fit to splash out on proper kit. When the reality is my sister picked them up in P.E as well as her own shorts so whose ever they WERE cares enough about sport to get good quality shorts.
I was given the role of giving out stickers to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners. Not a very sporty or strenuous task. Oh and supervising the teams when they had their 5 minutes rest. That was a bit harder and required more thought, HeHe! I reckon I was given that job since they thought I never dress appropriately for days with P.E lessons or generally for moving about lots in a school. But HA! This showed them. I'm such good actress and fashion chameleon!
Afterwards was the school fete. I managed to get out of being thrown wet sponges at as we had a man from Zambian visiting the school so I walked him back to school while the anarchy went down.

Don't I look so cute? I managed to co-ordinate my watch shoes AND top. That is something pretty special right there.
Oodles sand Toodles
Row Bow

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