Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Performing in Pink

Hey Guys!
As pretty as this outfit is, it wasn't really the best choice I made when I wore it as we had a mock dress rehearsal of the class play. Cue muggins (me) to be running about like a headless chicken changing scenery, clearing the stage and organising backstage children amongst other things. I'd mentioned that that kind of this is what I do for work so I'm happy and capable to help them with it. It was a little tricky since I'm not their teacher so they didn't listen as much to me, but I did manage to get around half the class on my side.
Last time I wore this I didn't add a belt, but I think it does work well with one. Due to the pattern and colours of the pattern on the dress, a small tan belt blends in well. I wore matching pink wedges which only have a little heel but was not practical for climbing on and off chairs and trying to quietly run across stage! I threw on my denim jacket to finish the pretty in pink summer look. But the older kids rumbled me and I may have mentioned that the jacket is age 5-6 years. Cheeky, but cheap!
I've adorned my bright pink lippy which works really well with the pink dress. I have fishtailed my hair into 2 braids. I pinned back my fringe since I find that in gorge weather like this I just can't be dealing with a fringe being plastered to my forehead!

I was casually channel flicking the other day and Trouble by Neon Jungle played. I have never heard of the band before, but they remind me of a new Little Mix, like The Saturdays were a 'new' Girls Aloud. They are a 4 piece girls band that combine singing with a little bit of rapping and throw in some 'Hey!' Chanting here and there. The song it super catchy and really dancey and the chorus is super easy to learn so you'll be singing along to in in no time at all. You have been warned!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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