Monday, 8 July 2013

Painting in Purple

Hey Guys!
In the words of Amy Pond, “Ok, Kid. This is where it gets complicated!” As I’m posting 4 times a week but wearing 5 super cute outfits I appear to have rolled over onto a new week. So this was last Monday’s look. When I wore this number to work I had a whole day of arts and crafts this meant I had to wear something that I didn't mind getting dirty. One of the kiddies was like, "We're all getting messy and you have pretty clothes on!" So I had to inform her that these were my least ‘pretty pretty’ clothes. I don't really have anything I don't mind getting paint on, but I hardly wear this dress so I thought I just wouldn't mind so much. 
I wore this dress to my normal work not too long ago, but I teamed it with dark leggings and a long dark cardigan. So this time I decided to go for a more summery feel and team it with a little white cardi.  This dress comes with its own wrap belt in the same fabric of the dress, but I chose to wear a tan belt this time. To go with the tan belt and to mix things up a bit I wore my summer beaded sandals.  
I really liked wearing the plum coloured scarf in my hair last time I wore the dress. But since I washed my hair the night before I wanted to leave it down and curly. I decided to wear the scarf it its intended form and left it loose over my shoulders. When it came to the painty times I tucked it behind the belt around my waist and I think that looks pretty decent as it gives the illusion of a bigger chest yet keep your waist looking mighty fine!
How pretty are the rises growing up the side of my house? Shame they’re so high up. I’ll have to try growing a little to get more of them in my piccy.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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