Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Moving on Up

Hey Guys!
I'm not gonna lie, I think I look pretty cute in todays look. We had our transition day at school when I wore this. That involved the all the kids having to move up into their new class room to have a taster day with their new teacher, preparing them for September. In the oldest class, who I was with, we created a Story Mountain. I actually really like the idea of this piece of work. The whole class discussed adventure story details such as location, characters and story line. Then the kids in 5 groups each wrote an outline to either the 1. Introduction, 2. Build-up, 2. The Problem/Dilemma, 4. The resolution or 5. The Ending. They also all drew beautiful jungle plants and animals to create a vivid display in the classroom.
I got lots of compliments about the dress. One lady said, 'I wish I could look that good in that kind of dress.' Flattery will get you everywhere with me! I have a post about a more dressed down look with this dress which you will conveniently find located around about here. This time I added a little white cardigan and my tan chunky heels. I really wanted to wear these heels to 'work' at least once during my time there. Several members of staff commented on the additional height I'd gained. If I could actually grow a few more inches myself, I really would but these heels will do for now.
I kept the hair and beauty side of the look really natural as I didn't want to come across too try hard and glammed up. It works well with the natural/tan colour of the heels.

Finally, Natalia Kills has released new music that I'm liking. I loved her debut tracks (Well, debut under this name anyway. Personally I loved Don't Play Nice, but whatever...) that were out 2010/2011. I even did a whole photography project based on her song Wonderland (got an A for that. Natch. Thanks Natalia!) I realise I am a month late on Problem which is a good song. I like the bit where she's like, 'We're not even at the Beach!' However, I'm not really a fan of the styling in the video. Don't get me wrong it all goes with her image and the look of the vid. But it's just not my cup of tea. Saturday Night is her new song and that is pretty neat too. You can defo tell her sound has matured and it has more of a chart influence.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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