Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Leopard Print Cat

Hey Guys!
I'm still working on props for the class play at the school I'm 'working' at. I didn't want to wear anything too pretty because I'm guaranteed to get paint all over it! I went for a cool/casual vibe here. However I didn't make any props today, instead we had a gaggle of children in from another partner primary school. They were in small groups and researched their Topic countries and compared facts between the two and the UK. Some facts were really interesting actually like the minimum wage for Mali is like 6p an hour! Mad, since its just over £6 here! As a first impression to the other school kids, I think I did pretty well. I asked a few of them if they thought I'd make a good teacher and they enthusiastically replied, "Yeah!". I'd be the coolest teachers ever, one of those hip young ones. But I'm going to give my Fashion Styling career a good crack before I become Miss Row Bow!
The attention grabber in this look is definitely the leggings. Pink Leopard Print is pretty outlandish when it comes to 'work wear', Hehe! To tie in with the black marks in the print, I wore a baggy black t-shirt. Its a small men's size to get a good balance between baggy and looks like it's till meant to fit. You don't want it to end up looking like a dress! I've rolled up the sleeves which helps the proportions as they become a more suitable length against my arms. Otherwise it does look like I've whipped it out of my Dad's wardrobe, not a good look. I needed some sort of jacket since the weather is so unpredictable at the moment. I grabbed my denim jacket as I ran out the house. These early morning are not something I'm used to anymore. I have enough time to do my make-up at home, so I dawdle then run out of time and make-up is done in the car. That's more like Row Bow! I only have pink camouflage converses or old white trainers, and I really thought trainers would keep the street-ish cool vibe. So i went with the rounded trainers which work much better over lace ups as they are a good contact to the busy print of the leggings.
Because the top is very dark, and so is my hair, I've put it up in a sock bun. This makes the perfect background for my floral cat ears headband. The pale flowers are much clearer against the dense collection of hair. I wore a heavy chained necklace to rest against the baggy tee. I chose a gold one since my headband had a golden frame.

Little new music for you: A Buddy from College has started a new band at Uni called Metropolis and they have some pretty quirky little tunes. Their new one I Don't Wanna is really catchy and was released yesters. Here is the YouTube vid for it with many more deets for their EP Where People Have Been (I like Okay on that). I did offer my help as a stylist to them, and my bud said when they hit the big time I can join in. So if you could all check them out, I'll have a job before you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Love your outfit! The combination of the different trxtures and prints, just fab!


    1. I'm a bit late but, Thanks!

      Row Bow


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