Monday, 29 July 2013

Kaleidoscope Trousers

Hey Guys!

This is one of the few trouser looks that I wore to work. I bought these, what I call Kaleidoscope Pattered trews, when I got my black dress with the white cross print, here. I wanted the purple print trousers as I explain in that post, but I’m quietly chuffed with these. However from reviewing these images I realise that for my shape and height they are best with additional height. So a pair of heels needed for sure next time! I think this is because they are shapeless and just hang off the body. Therefore it appears to fall around and not fit to my bum and they make it look pretty unflattering. But hey, it’s all an experiment!

I really like the trousers themselves as they are a fun and more entertaining take on smart trousers. One of the teachers at the School had some funky red and navy silky trousers and I really liked those, so that’s why I went on a little hunt for these. I think it works well with a ‘plain canvas’ i.e, white top and white cardigan as the pattern is very busy and it has a strong possibility of becoming a headache/eyesore if a t-shirt with it all going on was added. Not that I have one but a very boxy satin-y short length t-shirt would work well. I only see that kind of thing on the catwalks so I’ll have to hunt for a cheapo version for me.
Since the trousers are so shapeless, I felt I needed to add some sort of ‘streamlining’ to my appearance so I made a cleaner outline of my head and added some much needed height with my sock bun. With my pink watch, it was an obvious choice for the bright pink lipstick. Since the whole look is very pale and knocked back, the pink lippy works as a great accent colour and adds more interest!

Man, am I LOVING/ADORING/ADMIRING/HEAVILY INDULGING in Selena Gomez’s new album Stars Dance. I find most albums have a couple of dud tracks that I’ll just skip through. But I can’t help but hum *cough* sing at the top of my lungs *cough* to all of this album. I love the new music since it’s got hints of a new direction but still sticks to a few similar sound of her work with ‘The Scene’. I’ve got Write Your Name, Music Feels Better, Slow Down and Lover in Me all on repeat. I adore  her new look in the past music videos too. She is absolutely gorge in Come and Get It and I know the Slow Down video has been leaked, but I’ve only seen stills from it atmo. She looks mighty fine in those too! Am I done girl-crushing? I think so!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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