Monday, 15 July 2013

Floral Goth

Hey Guys!
I thought I was going to go swimming when I wore this so I decided, upon learning from last time I went swimming with the school, to wear something that left my feet free for flip flops. This also meant that I wouldn't get soggy tights and shoes again. I even washed my flip flops especially! But then it turned out they didn't need me. I think I was just filling in for another T.A last week, although I quite enjoyed the little adventure.
It was the first day of this beautiful hot spell us Brits are experiencing, so I wanted a look that kept me cool and made me look cool! It's just the way I roll, HeHe! This is a top my siblings got me for my birthday, since I'd been doing my Art Foundation Final Major Project about Skulls (amongst other things) they thought I needed a top to remind me of the pain I've been through this year. What caring sisters! I don't really go for high neck tops because I don't think they suit me at all, but this I have to say is an exception. I added a long necklace so the eyes are still drawn down the body and elongates it. I love the low cut arm holes, but since it give the bra a good reveal, I had to cover it up . I wore a thin black vest top underneath to cover up a little. Its actually my thermal top, but since it's soo thin it's fine to wear in the summer sun as well.
I got lots of compliments on my pretty floral headband, although it's more like a crown really! The lady in the office (reception)  was particularly taken by my little combo. Don't be mistaken, that is a cheeky sock bun on top of my head! I hoped that this time wearing my purple lipstick I wouldn't be told it looks like a moustache, like it did when I wore it to my regular work.
I spent most of the afternoon outside playing tennis with the kids. However it was under the sizzling sun and of course, I sizzled! The straight outline of the top acted as a brilliant stencil to my sunburn. But I've got my tips and tricks so it had all healed and turned into a marginal tan, by Monday. Go Me!

I've been struggling to let you know about new music recently. I just haven't had the time to find any but now I've thought of some I can top you up with my insider info. Naughty Boy has worked with Emeli Sande a fair bit recently, basically her whole album Our Version of Events, Never Be Your Woman and Wonder are a few. They must be bezza mates because guess who is the vocalist on Naughty Boy's newest tune. None other that Ms. Emeli Sande! The track is called Lifted and it is another feel good song, much like Wonder, but less tribal sounding. Take a listen...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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