Thursday, 25 July 2013

Finally, a Sunny Summer Barbecue!

Hey Guys!
Having had this beautiful weather for a while now, I felt a Summer BBQ was long over due. Last weekend I finally had the chance to catch up with my buddies, mostly from school with the addition of a lifelong college friend. It's so nice to be able to sit and chill and reminisce about the good ol' days. I feel so old when we talk about things from Year 10 as it only seems like yesterday. Thank fully I've definitely blossomed since then, so hopefully by the end of the decade I won't be as embarrassed to look back at this era!

This was my pretty outfit that I desperately wanted to wear when I last met up with my buddies. But it was a horrible rainy day so I would have got drenched and probs whinged the whole day that I was cold (Mason would defo of been mine if I was in this badboy, hehe!). The mix of colours is Porange, as made more prolific by Cheryl Cole at X Factor USA debut. I adore my skater style skirts and dresses. Sometimes they're called Flippy Skirts, which I think is why I like them because they're so Flipping Amazeballs. No, really, I like the way they fit around your waist and accentuate that but the gathering fabric that falls down to your thighs means the tired tummy isn't exposed. (And when you spin really fast the skirt flares out and you feel like a Princess!) As is was a really hot day I wanted to flash a little but of the top of my stomach to give a real "Summer's Here!" effect.
To match my orange crop top I went with my orange/tan beaded sandals. Since it was a relaxed affair I didn't fancy heels. If I had have worn heels I'd have gone for my nude/tan chunky heels. Just for future reference. The skirt actually comes with a skinny black belt, but I went with a metallic silver one as its much thicker and evens out with the proportions of tum on show. That made it really easy to decide on silver accessories a la Ring-Bracelet Combo hand made by moi!
Everybody was very complimentary about my Floral Crown. Its from Primark for £3 and I wore with more of a Gothic Vibe here. My friend said she couldn't find it when she went not too long ago, but that might me due to the high turn over of stock Primark has. They appear to bring out new things more frequently that every half season! Always keeping us on our toes! Personally, I love the collection of headwear and Floral Crowns by Rock 'n Rose. Pixie Lott did a collaboration with them and I think they are soo cool. It's where I got the urge for a Cat Ears Headband. But they are waaaaayy outside my price range so I'll have to save my pennies for something from there. They are really beautiful pieces though.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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