Thursday, 4 July 2013

Career Option #3

Hey Guys,
So after being a Stylist, or a Teacher I've come up with a third possible contender for a future career for me. A Nail Technician. This is because of the beaut of a job I did on my Sister's nails at the weekend. Pretty Peng tbh! I have not painted anyone else's nails for ages, I feel. I did the nails of the kids I babysit back in like February kind of time, but even before that I never get to do anyone else's. When I was little, at Primary school I used to always paint my friend's nails. My Little Sister is a MEGA Tomboy and therefore wouldn't let me go anywhere near her with a nail polish. Such a tease!  I think I did them once when she was like 2 and then I had to stick to me own nails.
But here I've done a really good job and think that my year doing an art foundation is obvious! I've completed such a detailed job and it looks really effective. Well, it did until she smudged it. I tried to cover it so it's not that noticeable really. She never wears nail polish and so wasn't used to the wet nails/ drying statue you should presume. I usually paint my nails at the computer as I find typing one of few activities, other than sitting still with my hands out, that doesn't require much nail varnish ruining movements. Also, the moving of your fingers makes the air ventilation better. Back to the nail designs... I used a colour pallet of dark purple/plum and white. On a majority of the nails I painted a deep plum background and used my Primark nail Pens which have a really skinny brush, and drew a continuous pattern of little crosses. Then on her ring fingers I reversed the colours and painted a white background and used a dark purple crackle effect nail polish over the top. And it was as easy as that!
Now if you'll excuse me I'm currently painting my own nails with a funky multicoloured leopard print design. If you're lucky I'll post it sometime next week.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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