Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Autumn Colourings in Summer, Crazy!

Hey Guys!
This was my look on last Wednesday. I feel I have gone with more of a autumnal colour palette with my grey dress and brown boots. The dress is a purchase from M&S, which sounds pretty old lady-ish but you can actually find some snazzy things in there. It was reduced from £19.50 to £9.50 so total barg! It is a couple of sizes bigger than I’d normally go for, but it’s nice to have something with a little bit of moving room to it. Particularly handy when wearing it to ‘Work’. Since it is a bit looser I cinched it in around the waist with my short tan belt. I love the little crystal details across the shoulders and I added a little silver necklace to match the details. Sticking with the silver theme I wore a very snazzy headband which is all sparkly and a couple of rings on my thumb and index finger! So that my tan belt didn’t look too out of place I wore long brown heeled boots, and a wooden bracelet to make brown the accent colour of the look. I think the outfit looks much nicer without the cardigan because I have a better silhouette without it. If the cardi was a fitted jacket or blazer that would have worked better. But being an extra pair of hands at a primary school, I feel a blazer would be a little too over dressed, even for me!

That all sounded very say what you see, but it’s probs  because I only quickly put it  together as when I woke up I decided I didn’t wan to wear what I had planned to whipped this out as a back up.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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