Monday, 1 July 2013

1st Day at New Work

Hey Guys!
So since I've already been on holiday for like 6 weeks already, I decided idea it was time to do something useful with my time! Since last Wednesday I have been working at a local primary school which I did my work experience at waaaay back when I was in year 10. I literally can't keep away since this is the fourth summer I've worked there. (I did have a break, but I decided this was more in that sitting around twiddling my thumbs) 
I'm not gonna lie, I felt really messy and severely dressed down on my first day since I was warned that I was going to me painting. So I went for my art leggings which have an attractive splodge of dried hot glue. Lovely jubbly! I was marginally aware that the leggings were showing a little bit if vpl, so I wore a longer white top to try and cover my toush. However it was only once I'd got home at the end of the day my sister told me my pants were totally in show! Because that's how I roll, hot! #Cringe, but none of the kids to me so it can't have been too bad. They were probs taken aback by my amazeballs art skillz. I made a prop of a coffin when I wore this. Also, I rolled up the bottom of the leggings to wear a different styling of them. I chose my camouflaged wedged trainers to make me feel a little dressy, but with the rolled up leggings I'm not sure if I like it. If I'd have worn them all the waydown my legs would have seemed longer.
I did have my hair down, but as I ended up making a cardboard-coffin as a prop for their class play I tied my hair back. I had to have some sensible shoes aswell, so I brought my pink lacey dollie shoes. Lucky I did because it happened to be cross country that afternoon. I was exhausted from cheering on everybody! A slick of pink lippy and I was looking hot...well decent at best!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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