Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pounds & Penny Saving Websites

Hey Guys!
Being a Student, I don't have a lot of 'spare' cash on me since it should really go on un-fun things like rent, travel and sketchbooks. But being a Fashion Student I can't help but feel the need to fulfil the 'pretty things' hole in my life. I don't think you even have to be a fashion student to have this need. Buying clothes, beauty products and accessories eases the pain of mine, hehe! So here is a little list of websites we can use to save those pounds and pennies!

Since I've found this beaut of a website I have literally been hooked. Even the expired codes show what an exhaustive range of deals are out there. And the magical thing is that Money Saving Expert's main man Martin has found them all for you! It covers shops codes, freebie products and even delves into deeper subjects like insurance.

I love the Channel 4 program Super Scrimpers, I've learnt some of my best tricks from there. And this is their online page with links to ideas and places to reduce your Style costs. Again, the scrapbook explores other areas too but I find the style pages the best. The actual programme has more DIY cheap tips, like making homemade & cheap beauty products and clothes & accessories.

I found a Free Body Shop Lip Balm code on Money Saving Expert, and the link was on Voucher Codes website. You can get a free one too, ends 30th June. My best tip for these kind of voucher websites, which sends you deals on everything not just fashion and beauty, is to create a dedicated e-mail address so you don't end up losing personal emails within all the bumf they send you. I thought I'd show you my thrify-ness in practice with a quick pic. Look at how ecstatic I am with my free Lip Balm. It smells sooo good, #trulyscrumptious.

This is a great website if you don't want to hear about a deal for everything under the sun! Fashion Vouchers is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the latest Fashion deals for the Highstreet and online. There is literally something for everyone with womenswear, beauty, menswear and sportswear covered. I love how simple the website is to use, as so just cram so much onto a page you can't even find the voucher! A must for any Fashion Enthusiasts on a budget. Or just Fashion Scrooges, like me!

If you've signed up and got a Matalan card you'll already know the volume of deals you're in for. If not, why not! Matalan have soo many deals for it's loyal customers and you even get a treat on your birthday, which always ends up running alongside another deal. What's good is that a lot of the in store and online discounts are for card holders only so you get the most for your money while you non-Matalan-cardholder friends lose out, HeHe!

My Boots Advantage card was the first card I signed up for by myself and upon great impulse. It was my first week of College, and the Boots lady asked me if I wanted on and since Boots and College are less than a 5 minute walk from each other I had to really. I love saving for a great worthwhile purchase. I saved for just under a year and bought a Bio-Oil like product with has lasted me ages. And it's still going! So great to think I didn't even spend a penny on it. I can't wait for a Tesco one Now!

Since no look is complete with out a little attention to your face and nails I thought I'd include e.l.f, Eyes.Lip.Face. My friends told me about e.l.f a year or two ago, but I'd never truly investigated until recently. They sell lots of Beauty Products and brush sets so you can apply them artistically. Their products are actually of a really decent quality considering they are ├╝ber cheap! Lots of the YouTube Crew that I watch use e.l.f Products frequently too, so of course I going to enquire.

I wouldn't really include this as 'saving money' technically. However, if you do have some spare money and you don't quite know where to invest it Glossybox is a brilliant idea. Basically, you sign up for 1, 3 or 12 months and get one box every month with about 5 products in for you to test. The fab thing is that it only works out at about £8-10 per box and considering some of these products cost that in a shop, its a sweet deal. Then if you really adore a particular item, to can go and buy the real thing.

To finish on a obvious note, Ebay and Amazon Market Place are usually the first place I'd look for cheap goodies. But the problem is that you can never tell what is actually out there and the prices can shoot up last minutes. This is why I'd maybe use Ebay and Amazon Market Place to have a little look to see what label I'm liking the look of, then try and find a voucher or deal on the websites mentioned above.

Phew, that is alot of money you're going to be savng now!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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