Monday, 24 June 2013

Nothing Better to do...

Hey Guys!
I’ve come to the conclusion hat my motto for this summer is going to become, “Nothing better to do!” Therefore on Friday I tagged along to a local Craft Show with the ‘Rents since “I’ve nothing better to do!”. See, I’m already putting it into practice!
It was a pretty dud day, weather wise. So I kept it really relaxed and popped on the denim shirt and kiddies chinos. I kept my buttons undone quite far down because the shirt has a naturally square shape. I do not suit large, oversized tops; I just end up becoming a bemusing sight to look at. So by keeping the buttons undone to about half way down loosens up the shape of the shirt. It allows the central line to fold and relax better on your ‘lady lumps’, and hopefully fitting you in a much more flattering way. I DID have a white vest top on underneath. I’m not one to flaunt THAT much! I went with the pale brown (tobacco) coloured chinos because, tonally, it matched the pale blue denim. The cardi was to keep me warm without needed a coat.
To keep with the farmer feel of the whole affair I wore my horse riding boots. They were my attempt to keep cool and trendy and have a pair of Chelsea boots. But their design is basically the same as the riding boots, and considering these were meant to be like £50 and I only paid £17 after various discounts I think I did pretty well. The site we were on is actually used for horse riding anyway and has lots of snazzy jumps dotted all over the place.
I’ve taken to wearing high pony-tails since last Monday, see here. I’m not so sure it works as well with curly hair. It’s harder to contain a cute shape. I did twist my hair and wore a twisted braid for a bit which was nice. But I’ll show you that another time. Pretty pink lippy was just right for this look as it isn’t a brash or in your face, as that wouldn’t have gone with the pale pallet.
Oh, and I’ve got a pretty little blue and silver ring on my left index finger. #Bling.
As I write this post I’ve gone through the old Now That’s What I Call Music collection on. At the mo, I’m on Now 68- my most recent actual physical copy from the franchise. I forgot how much I love Newton Faulkner’s Dream Catch Me. It also reminded me of a super cute duo who played at my secondary talent show in Year 11, I think. It was two brothers and the older one, in my year, played the guitar for his adorable little Year 7 brother and he sang one of Newton’s Songs, All I Got. Love that song too! (Woah, just ‘Wiki’ed him and his real name is Sam. Scandalous!)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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