Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mixing Marbling

Hey Guys!
I was meant to go out on the razz tonight, I had a really hot outfit planned and everything, but now I’m not; hence, why I’m blogging late and not partying. But I was all prepped to look good; I washed my hair and sprayed it to death to psyche it up for a straightening, and I did my nails all disco style. Every time I do this I mean to photograph the process to make it a little easier to understand. But I’m not sure if seeing the water will really help since I made a ruddy mess. So I took some photographs of my Sellotaped nails. Sexy!
Here are my simple steps:
1. Fill up a clean empty butter pot with lukewarm water. If it’s too cold you’ll harden the nail polish before you get a chance to put it on your nails. Fill the pot about ¾ of the way up so there is enough to be able to dip your finger in, but not overflow when you do.
2. Tape up your fingers so you can easily remove excess nail varnish that reaches all the places it shouldn’t.
3. Drop little droplets of an array of coloured nail polishes into the water. It’s best if you can drop them next to and on top of other droplets as then the pattern sticks together. (On many YouTube videos of water marbling the drops disperse and you get a bull’s eye shape, but this NEVER happens for me. The occasional one spreads, but it makes the colour paler and thinner.)
4. Use a cocktail stick to combine the drop colours together and make lots of pretty patterns. Don’t over do it other wise the nail polish spreads and you loose the little designs.
5. I place my finger nail into a clear patch of water and push it under the nail varnish marbling and scoop it up.
Et Vólia! It looks like My Sellotaped finger piccy.
7. Remove the tape reasonably quickly after you’ve finished dipping one hand. Because otherwise the polish will dry joining the tape to your nails and when you try to whip it off it will break off your nail too, and look messy.
Et Vólia, now it should look like my snazzy nail beauty shot!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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