Friday, 14 June 2013

Making More Ring-Bracelet Combos

Hey Guys!
These were some cute little Ring-Bracelet combos that I made for some kiddies I babysit. I like to keep my 'cool babysitter' image and giving pressies like this enhances that image. I would usually make them from scratch like here and here, but instead I swapped the rings so each piece was personalised for each girl.

1. As I bought adult sizes, I had to adjust the joining chain to fit a small persons hand. Que the introduction of my little sisters hand. After bringing up the chain to reduce it's size enough, I put a saftey pin through the loop I wanted to cut into.

The rings I chose to add, have little hoops on as they have letters attached through the hoop. I threaded a jump ring through the hoop on the ring and the end of the chain I had just cut. I used jewellery pliers to open and close the jump rings. Only ever open the jump rings by pulling one half up and one half down. if you put the jump ring outwards like this <-> , you'll ruin its' shape and it won't hold anything together.   


Then the whole piece is finished. A simple ring exchange to make a personalised piece of jewellery.
Da-Nah! I even got all the coloured ribbon correct.

UK Release Alert: The JoBros (Jonas Brothes) have now released their tune Pom Poms on the UK iTunes. It's been around in the US for a little while I think, but I haven't heard it on the UK radio yet. It's actually a really fun tune and the video isn't typical JoBro style girls, short-shorts, booty, girls, fun and more girls! The song itself is pretty euphemistic! Such a party tune and perfect for summer. I'd encourage you to check it out even if you're not a fan usually.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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