Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Looking at the Galaxy

Hey Guys!
This is the look I wore to work on during the daytime. I chose another ensemble for the the evening performance as I thought the tail on this dress would become a bit of a nuisance.
I love the print of the dress as it it really eye-catching without being too in your face. This is due to the predominantly dark colours. I added a silver belt to this dress as the square shape of it is soooo unflattering on me. I think because I am reasonably petit, the baggy shape just swamped me and made me look little and large at the same time. I was really disappointed because I had been looking for a) a drop hem dress and b) something galaxy print for some time and when I found this online- part of my New Look order- I thought I was really chuffed. The silver, metallic look of the belt goes really well with the galaxy/space theme of the look. The long silver necklace elongated the top to compensate the belting. It is a really long row of silver peace signs.
And to add even further to the dark and metallic pallet I have used a new eye make-up stick. I spent a little more of my birthday money on a Maybelline New York Master Smoky Shadow-pencil, in Smoky Navy. I really like the effect and the actual product since it is super easy to use and looks pretty decent. I am a little worried that I look a more Panda Eyes over Smouldering Eyes but it grows on me throughout the day. That's another thing I'm impressed with- it lasts the whole day! Fabulous!
In your eyeees, It feels like I've been stargaziiingg. (Who can work out where that's from?)

This look was bought with birthday money from my Uncle Chris and Auntie Jen. Thank You. (I'm so high tech, thank you letters through blogging!)
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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