Tuesday, 11 June 2013

'I'm a Barbie Girl...'

Hey Guys!
As you can see from the title of the post I'm a really 90's Barbie Girl, deep down inside. Although you don't have to look too deep as I think it's pretty evident here! I had a little splurge in Miss Selfridge, since they have 70% off at the mo. It may have been a little Row Bow's birthday last week and since I ALWAYS end up just putting my money into the bank, I decided to spend it this year. But looking at my outfit you would think I've just turned 6 again! I wore this look to work and all the kids were very bemused as to why I had Barbie on my top. 'Do you like Barbie?' they kept asking and I was like, 'Of course! Don't you?' I'm not sure Barbie is as big as when I was their age!
The leggings were only in a size 12, but they are made from an elastic fabric to they stretch meaning that they cling well to smaller derri√®res too. I got the top in a baggy size because I don't have many baggy, airy pieces in my vast wardrobe. And the thin material is great for summer when the sun makes an appearance. I've rolled up the leggings at the bottoms, to add a little more grown up styling. Although it could look like they are too long for me and my Mumma had to roll them up for me! I wore my little blue denim jacket so that I wasn't in total pink fabulosity! The white shoes balance out the colouring of my look, and matches the predominately white top.
I'm so pleased with my new floral cat ear headband! I found some in what TopShop call their 'Sale', but they were still like £8. I missed out on those, but there are far cuter and were only £3. Total Barg! I added a few silver rings. Two of the rings have small chains on and I made them myself from some ring bracelet pieces which I gave to other people. I replaced with prettier ones, and kept the originals for myself. #Thrifty.
Also, notice how my watch actually blends in nicely with this look. It was meant to be! HeHe!
A Voilà! I'm such a cute JCat-Look it up (or not I just did to check what you'd find and Urban Dictionary is telling me it's something I don't wanna be! A Union J fan is what I was going for!)

 This look was funded by Angie (ma cuz) and Gordon's kind donation to the Row Bow Birthday Trust. Thank You, HeHe! 
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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