Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Farewell Farnham!

Hey Guys!
Monday was the last ever time I had to make the 2 and a half hour journey into Uni. And now that means I am totally freeeeeeeee! The weather has done a complete switch-a-roo and we are now experiencing some rather intriguing weather with features I'm not sure any of us have experienced before. I've heard it's called 'Sun'- I hope I'm spelling that correctly, HeHe!- and a common feature is blue skies and warm temperatures.  If you witness any of these sightings, do not be afraid it is actually quite lovely!
The summery vibes make me automatically go straight to the pale and pastel pieces in my wardrobe. I've gone for a salmon pink shirt, lightweight beige paper-bag waisted shorts and a white cardi. Wooden jewellery 'would' have gone well too. HeHe, see what I did there!
I kept my eye make-up really natural as in this kind of weather I don't really want to get makeup sweating down my face #sexaay! So I had some what I would call 'thin' mascara, meaning that it's not volume boost which is usually thicker and heavier on your lashes. Fun Fact: It was a lash curl mascara. Lengthening ones also work well for a subtle look. But I did go for the bright pink lippy since I'm getting to the point where I feel a little naked without any lippy on. Gotta make the most of that juicy pout I got!
I half attempted to blow dry my hair properly the night before and it doesn't look bad. More beachy waves over Kate Middleton, however it is a little frizzy so I put it up in a pony tail. It's super soft and glossy though because I've prepped it to straighten.

Out of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus's new songs I'm finding Selena's Slow Down far more attractive. I adore Come and Get It and I think Slow Down just as jah-mazing! I think she's made the transition from Disney to Adult really smoothly and hasn't made a massive departure but enough to mature and suit an older audience too. Just call me Little Miss Music Critic!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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