Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Backstage Running

Hey Guys!
Over the weekend we had the Summer Performances from the theatre group I work at. On Saturday we had a normal day then one show in the evening and on Sunday we had  lunchtime and dinner time performances. This is my outfit for the Sunday Shows. I was really tired from the Saturday, but I had to soldier on to make sure I got my monies!
This dress is another piece from my New Look order a couple of weeks ago. It is a letter print pinafore. I love it and think it's super cute. There's one 10 year old who always likes what I wear and I think she wear some pretty fetch things to. The best thing is she gets the older children's clothes which mean I can pick them up for me too, Yay! I know for a fact we have at least on of the same dress (this one). She said she liked this one too, as did several other people. Here I have worn it with one of the little tops my sisters got me for my birthday. They said it was to match my paler orange lipstick. I liked that I could wear the cropped top and still show skin without flashing the tum. The low dips at the side of the dress allow for side-waist to be flashed. Sexy, hehe! Since I was flashing the flesh I covered up with some black tights and dollie shoes. I couldn't really wear silly shoes because I'd be running around the theatre for the duration of each show. Great Exercise!
I've got my expensive Maybelline lippy on here through recommendation of Zoella, I think. When I say expensive I mean £7.19, extortionate! It's a darker yet brighter orange which is what I was really looking for. Also, I have been using a REALLY cheap felt-tip liquid eyeliner which I think I suit quite well. I've managed to crack the technique quite well. Draw a line and colour underneath it works well for me. I used eye shadow in this look too, which may have been a bit heavy since I have colourful lips too. I try to go for rainbow eyes or lips so I don't look too clown like.
I had my simple chain, golden cross ring-bracelet combo on with a fetching colourful bracelet that was left behind from the Saturday performance. I'm sure I wear it soo much better that it's original owner.
By boss commented on the versatility of my hair since, as you'll see I had straight hair with a blunt fringe on Saturday, straight and no fringe today and last week it was curly! The amazing transformer Row Bow. Probs shouldn't call myself a Transformer, it makes me sound pretty hench.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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