Friday, 31 May 2013

USA! USA! U..S...A...?

Hey Guys!

Sticking with the nail theme this week here is a photo tutorial as to how I achieved my current nail appearance. It may seem a little weird but I have painted the American flag onto my nails. It only seems weird as I'm not American, I don't live in American and I generally have no connection to the land in any way, shape or form! But I think that it looks super effective and everybody is taken aback by the detail of the designs.

Here's how I got the look:
-Base coat so you don't end up staining your nails!
-Paint a red base on 4/5 nails. Make sure to double coat to get it even redder. 
-Paint blue on the naked nail so it feels like one of the gang!
-Use a thinner nail paint brush (mine was from part of the Nail Art 2 packs Primark art selling at the mo) and carefully paint stripes close together. This is way harder on the other hand if you're not ambidextrous! Remember you can always paint red over the top and try again- I did. By my pinkie on my right hand I was a pro with both hands.
- Then paint some star shapes on the blue nail. (I don't expect you to fit 50 on there!) I used the other end of my thin nail brush- which has a squeezy metal pen feature. I made a dot of white and then brought out each start point. You could achieve the same effect with the use of a cocktail stick.
-Top Coat. I actually found my cheap nail colours ran when I put a base coat over the top, which ruined the white parts. So I would actually suggest top coating after the second coat of the coloured bases. Then again over the top to protect your white bits. Oo, Cheeky! 

 Ta-Dah, my 'beauty shot'! I tried to emulate BeyoncĂ© in her Superbowl promo shot, but I look suuuper tired. But I did finally manage to use liquid pen eye line and look decent. Every cloud and all...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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