Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer Sun, Wherefore Art Thou?

Hey Guys!
I have finally managed to escape the avalanche of work that I had fallen beneath this past month! I've made it out alive, but perhaps not in the best way. You know when you have that one thing niggleing away at you at you feel you have to tell everyone you come into contact with as if it will make it better? Well, I'm about to upload on you. I wanted to print a few piccys of the process of making my final piece to fulfil one of the assessment criteria. But I decided deadline morning would be the best time, when I'm all flustered and in a tizz. Bad Move! It costs an extortionate 38p for colour! And I only had 9p after the printer ate up all my change. So I left it as I had 10 minutes to travel across campus to where i had to give my work in. But once I got home I realised black and white was only 5p and I could have printed! ARGGHH! On an Art Foundation if you get a merit mark in 6 of the Assessment criteria but a pass in only 1, your overall mark is a Pass. Now I'm panicking I'll get a Pass when i need a Merit for next year and it would have been 8 months of stress for nothing. This all happened on Thursday and I'm still rethinking about it all!
Anyway, to lighten the mood I've been thinking of different things to entertain myself over the 4 MONTH summer I have and I thought the best thing to start with is to get back into the swing of What Row Chose... This is an outfit from work that one week it actually looked like summer was gracing us with its presence! I bought the dress from New Look, I think I wrote about it In my post. It's a gorge darker emerald green peplum dress which fits like a bodycon dress due to the stretchy fabric. I teamed it with my 5-6 year old denim jacket with luckily crops at the perfect point, where the peplum beings. What a terrific cowinkydink! I would have loved to have worn my tan sandal strapped chunky heels, but I chose my white lacey dollie shoes to keep it relaxed. And I've developed a panic that I'll slip in those shoes now. Worrier Row!
My hair looks so big and lion mane-esque here. Some days i manage to put just the right amount of product in my hair so it goes lush, and sometimes it need to be tied up to hide my fail!
I see the watch doesn't really go but i love it so much, I'm willing for a little eye sore.
Music Update: There are sooo many new tunes I'm digging atm. But I'm going for The Saturdays new one Gentleman which sees them get a little funky and rap. Rochelle is has so much swag! It's out towards the end of June and the soon to be released video see the girls dress up like men. I bet they still look hawt!


Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Girl you so hot :P
    Also such a pretty dress, you look so good in it!

  2. Thanks Babes, I'm working it! You're pretty fine yourself... x


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