Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fabulously Fifties!

Hey Guys!
My work friend said she thought my hair looked really pretty with this outfit so I thought I must share this with you. I have used a square scarf wrapped it around my head at a diagonal, so that 2 corners meet at the knot. I simply tied it and put it into a big bow. I'd love to say there was more to it, but there really isn't. Sometimes with a square piece of fabric you can fold + roll it at a diagonal so it is a flatter, neater piece to put in your hair. I'd do that with a heavier weighted fabric. The light chiffon nature of this scarf means it lies pretty flat, even when bunched up. I put my hair in a messy top bun to mirror the messy voluminous bow.
I'm not to sure on the dress itself, as I feel it's a little baggy for my liking. I'm up for tighter and flaunting what I've got! Hehe! The addition of the darker leggings and cardigan match the dark headscarf, but I feel it looks better without the leggings. I chose my pale dollie shoes as this look felt more slouchy and a little slobby.
To spruce my face up a little I slipped on my fave fuscha pink lippy! Hey, my watch actually works well with the colouring on this outfit!
A Top Tune for this Tuesday is The Wanted- Walks Like Rihanna. The video to so funny with the boys impersonating 90's boybands. The styling to reflect this is on point! I had to show my 13 year old sister the original N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and Take That Videos so she actually got the references. The clothes and dancing were totally alien to her. (Jason/Howard from Take That-Back For Good vid in the fishnet top throwing some shapes anyone?)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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