Thursday, 30 May 2013

Babysitting Nail Creativity

Hey Guys!
I did these nail designs AGES ago when I went babysitting for a gaggle of girls. I think it was during a school holiday which only means one thing, time to paint funky nail designs! Having rattled off a list of my talents and nail techniques each girlie requested their own design, chose the colours and away we were!
First, I painted Lottie's Nails:
She asked for marbled nails, with blue/green colours. I used a light royal blued colour as the base. I didn't want to make a total mess in their kitchen, so I acquired a cocktail stick and dry marbled the different nail polishes. I put one drop of a blue polish then a drop of green slightly overlapping and used the cocktail stick to blend strokes of the liquid together. The important thing is to not over do it, otherwise you end up with a nail of solid colour. (But it will be a unique colour that you made yourself. So, y'know, pros and cons!) Each nail has a different pairing of colours, some with 2 some with 3 colours on. I also incorporated a glitter polish into some which looked pretty groovy!
Then it was Milly's turn:
Millie wanted little hearts on all of her nails. I tried with sellotape, cutting out the heart shape. But it peels off some nail varnishes- and it peeled what I had used on Milly's nails. #disaster! Instead I used another cocktail stick and picked up nail polish from the brush and carefully drew little hearts. Clever hey? I also marbled her thumbs, just to mix things up. I used pink and purple as they always go together well. And added a slightly minty green as an accent colour.

Finally I used my creative skills on Hannah finger tips:
Hannah wanted to keep it classic with a beautiful French manicure. I'm going to blow my own trumpet here, I am a mighty fine French tip painter. So smooth and wonderfully even! I love how clean, soft and feminine it can make your hands look. But to give the nails a modern twist we added silver and blue glitters over the white tips. Snazzy!

There you go girls, I finally posted them!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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