Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hey Guys!
I had been eyeing up these shoes in Primarni for what felt like a really long time. I was waiting until they were in the sale but I'm not sure they ever will be! There are other pairs like them reduced, but they're not the same! They are...get ready for it... Camouflage Wedged Trainers with laces and straps and golden studs and they are soooooo cool! I adore them and they didn't hurt once when I was at work. It was when I got home an put my foot on a flat floor they were a little achy. But hey, you have to suffer for you're fashion!
This is the outfit I teamed them with for work. The shirt is from an art project, but I though my handy work was rather dashing and decided to keep for my own wardrobe. It used to be a mock-denim shirt. Really it's a blue light weight cotton. I CAREFULLY flicked bleach all over the top which lead to the white splodges. The front splodges are pretty cool since they have a pink haze around them. but then the back ones are just pure white splodges. I think that look has the risk of looking terrible 90's with the bleach and denim, but I'm thinking I've managed to pull it off!
I'm wearing my spiked necklace which fits around and underneath the collar really well. The top actually only buttons to the top of the chest, so I've placed a crafty safety pin to secure the top and make it sit better under the necklace. Also, got my snazzy new watch on. Living the high life being able to tell the time whenever I want! HeHe!
J'adore Union J's new song, Carry You! Literally can't get enough of it. I love how it's actually pretty meaningful but they don't go crazy on the vocals and it's still pretty poppy. I've come up with my own nicknames for them, like the Spice Girls. I've got (vocal) Powerhouse J (I'm sure I sound like him in the shower), Pouty J (werkin' it), Curly J (bouffant to match mine) and Quiffy J ( I think he's my fave, but they're all pretty lovely!).
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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