Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Stripy Disco Nail Art

Hey Guys!
I was in for the long run at the computer yesterday as I decided it was time to get working! But as I am easily distracted and I happen to have a vast collection of nail varnishes at the compter, I painted my nails while I was there. Making the most of my time! I was very good and i did add a fair bit of work to my research file. It just could be more. But where's the fun in getting all your work done at once, spread the joy around I say!
I even remembered to take photos of each step this time, and I took a honker of a final look piccy!

 1. Pink Nail polish- All About Face Vibrant Pink
Left Finger- Place thing strips of sellotape to cover area you was to be in the other colour.
Middle Finger- Paint all over the sellotaped nail and remove sellotape strips swiftly.
Right Finger- It should look like this!

After all nail have completed step 1, your hands should look like this! I went over all my nails with a clear top coat at this point, so the sellotape woun't damage the paint later. LEAVE TO DRY!

 2. Glittery Silver Nail polish- BarryM Limited Edition Silver Glitter
Left Finger- Place thing strips of sellotape over the pink stripes so they don't get glitterfied!
Middle Finger- Paint all over the sellotaped nail and remove sellotape strips swiftly. I thyink if I had a silver metalic base it woul have worked better. As here I have applied very thick layers to get lots of glitter.
Right Finger- Finished! Once dried, more top coat (folding aroudn to the back of the nail to secure your beautiful art work!

And the beauty shot with finished nails! Work that neck!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I love the last shot, it's got a lovely playful candy vibe to it! :3

    Kate x


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