Sunday, 14 April 2013

Festival Fashion

Hey Guys!

Since it was such a lovely day today, I thought I'd try out some festival fashion.

Shorts are the staple item to pack for a festival (girls and guys). Why? 1) They are sooo versatile, come rain or sun and 2) Fingers crossed it will be sunny and you can cool down with your legs out. I've teamed my shorts with a baggy, loose fitting pale peach top. It is actually a few sizes too big for me which is how I achieved the baggy look. At this festival it's super sunny (as you can see from my pics!), but I don't want to burn so I've accessorised with a plaid shirt. For now it's wrapped around my legs, but when you're partying along to live music it's easy to forget how long you've been out in the sun! So by having it around your waist all day you can wear it 2 ways for extra protection. Since it's sooo sunny here I had to put on my heart-shaped sunglasses. I love experimenting with quirky sunglasses and these screamed 'Row Bow buy me'. So I did! Since festivals can get pretty muddy and it's hard to get girly when you have mud splattered up your legs. So I've added a feminine floral garland around my head to keep the look cute.

Uh-Oh! It's started to get overcast at my festival (although you wouldn't guess from my photos!). As I emerged from my tent, or rather glampervan, I saw that today wasn't going to be as sunny as I'd hoped. So I've layered leggings under the shorts and wore my shirt as part of the look. Now I've got my trendy floral mac tied around my hips, so if it should start to precipitate I'm prepared without having to run back to my tent! I've also put a hat on to protect my hair and head from the rain. But I've kept the floral garland over the top, so when my friends are on the look out for a certain Row Bow, they can easily spot me from the garland. It's a good idea to wear something that your group can easily identify you by in a crowd. 

Wellies are the only footwear to have at a festival! There's more grass at my festival than normal, but that pesky mud always makes an unwelcome appearance. Why not decorate you wellies with acrylic paint, a furry trim, or stick on jewels from some old necklaces. Charity shops are a great place to find some fabulous festival frills! This way you know you'll be the only one with your own unique style. (Also your friend won't embarrassingly bear hug someone with the same top on at you, then realise it really isn't you!)

Enjoy you festivals, if you've got any planned! If not, pop up the tent in front of the telly and enjoy a comfortable festival experience with an indoor toilet!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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