Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cover Me In Designer, Baby!

Hey Guys!
Today it was a family trip to Bicester Village, which is FULL of designer shops. They're all the outlet shops, but they were still a little too pricey for me though! I go to one in Edinburgh which is really good, but I just didn't find anything for me today. Although I have decided that the Cath Kidson shop is where I'm going to stock up on my Art Uni supplies. Lots of big bags and pencil cases size pieces.
This is what I wore today since the weather has been a lot sunnier the past few days. But it did get a wee bit chillier towards the end of the day so I had to pop on my hoodie over the top. I really like this khaki shirt dress, but it's shorter at the back than the front (Who would do such a thing?). It makes me more self conscious when bending over, not that there is a lot of bending over in my regular activities!? I can wither wear it open as an over sized shirt. Which I would wear with leggings and a white/black vest top. Or I like to wear it as the full dress, seen below, belted at the waist. Because the sleeves are short but tall, the belt create the illusion of a smaller waist as it's visually compared to the shoulders. I'm not a fan of buttoning it up to the top because my head looks really funny when i do this! I was thinking black dollie shoes, but the brown Dollie shoes add a little more interest and ties in well with the brown belt.
I've got a super cute metallic green eyeliner, which is a little different. but you can't see I'm wearing it here. Sadface! I also had subtle hints of a darker red lipstick, as the warm hue went well with the browns. But that had worn off buy the time I took this. Maybs over me reeaaaalllllllllllllllyyy long summer, I'll do some make-up things?
I love Selena Gomez's new tune- Come and Get it. It's dropped a little early which means I'll probs have overplayed it and got bored of it buy the time it was actually meant to come out! I'm confused as to whether it's with 'the Scene' or if it's just Sel herself. I think it's a solo effort and that's what the single artwork says. Let's go with that. It's not like any of her disney-pop tunes. More RiRi-style peeps are saying!
Oh, just me stood outside Gucci with 'all my purchases' (Promise it's Gucci, stupid, but gorgeous, hanging baskets)!
   Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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