Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sporty Florals

Hey Guys!
I had to make a little trip into town today to return my sisters birthday present. I thought I'd done so well getting her a grown up, snazzy watch! But she failed to mention it didn't work until Dad had adjusted the strap. When I left the shop with the replacement I pushed the little button at the side in, to make sure it was working before I even left this time! My watch is still dandy! Dad said the lady at the till in the shop was checking out my nails. (They're still stripey) She was obvz well jel!
I'm really unimpressed that it started snowing AGAIN today! I managed a trip to the bank yesters in only one layer of leggings and a shirt dress! But today I had to wrap up warm for my trip today. I adore the trousers, with their large floral print. I don't find many of the tops in my wardrobe work well. A white top isn't the best so I usually team it with a black vest or half sleeve t-shirt. Since I needed a jacket to keep me warm, I grabbed this one which was out. I think that it actually works really well. I like that it's not matchy-match! I've been wondering about how to update my baseball jacket look, and I think that is perfect! I was late on the Baseball jacket bandwagon anyway, but now I can get more use from it whilst still keeping it totally 2013! To keep with the "sports" vibe of the jacket, I wore my old school trainers, which are totally white and rounded.
Also... who likes my hair? Look how long it is! I thought it was going to be really pleasant for the next few days so I straightened it. But then it snowed, so I've no idea how long my hair will last before it gives into the pressure to curl!
I don't know where the urge came from, but yesterday I suddenly felt like listening to The Saturday's- Turn Myself In. It's the B-Side to their 30 Days tune. I switch it up a little between the live version and studio version. The live one is really good!

 Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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