Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hey Guys!
Today I went for lunch with my little posse from school. We dined at Wagamamma's then had a little mooch around some shops where I managed to find myself a lovely green peplum dress. Only for a fiver, total barg! Even the till lady thought so!
This outfit was put together by total chance of the top and skirt lying next to each other in my drawer. The pink top has a faint tribal pattern on which compliments and works well against the tribal print of the skirt. I wouldn't have normally paired these two items together, but the print is a subtle cohesive of the two. The top is in a baggy, over sized style so I tucked it in to get a subtle blouse over the skirt. I would have just gone black tights, but it were a wee bit chilly.
The boots are actual riding boots from a proper riding shop. So that means that they should last forever, since I don't plan on ever using them to ride! They are of an extremely similar style to Chelsea boots, which have been super trend over this past A/W season. The only difference is that my boots have a square toe and Chelsea boots tend to have a pointier, rounded toes as it is more feminine. Another barg since they were meant to be £50 but it was a closing down sale so I thought they'd be £30/40 but at the til I got them for £17. Booyahkasha!
How do you guys like my new watch? I bought it as part of a 2 for cheaper price, when getting my little sister a birthday present last week. Pretty snazzy and only a tenner!
As an ode to my new celeb bff (check out my twitter @Rowbowk to see who I'm on about) I am listening to - #ThatPower ft Justin Bieber. It's really addictive so be careful or you'll be hooked too!
I'm off to Mars now to chill with my 'dope' bff. We so cool, we chillin'!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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