Tuesday, 5 March 2013

UCA Epsom Interview

Hey Guys!
Yesterday I had another Uni interview. I feel soo popular with all these invitations, HeHe! I had absolutely no idea what to wear until the night before, which is unusual for me. I'm normally totally prepared with what to wear at least a week before. Then preparing for the interview questions the night before!
I'm so glad the weather has picked up this week, as it means "Spring has Sprung and my Summer wardrobe wearing has begun!" Yaaay! I feel so much more me in dresses and little silly shoes! I had been eyeing this dress up for the past couple of weeks, but it truly has been too cold to wear it with out other layers covering it up. But today I managed to solider on without even a sneaky top on underneath. Although I did manage to conceal a cropped white cardigan underneath the blazer to keep my arms warm. I find that blazers tend to have a thin, shiny lining which conducts cold air rather well. So the cardi makes sure I stay warmer. The colourful dots on the dress are an injection of the colour loving RowBow into my outfit, so it isn't all black in the sun.
I chickened out of sheer tights and went wooly tights, but one step at a time and all that jazz!
After my last interview wearing jewellery, I chose to keep it simple today and leave the rings at home! Hair up, so that vitamin D can get up close and personal with my face!
I've been listening to: Carly Rae Jepsen Kiss Collection (Turn Me Up, More Than a Memory, Guitar String Wedding Ring, Wrong Feels So Right, Sweetie, Hurt So Good- if you really wanted to know)
Look, I'm in a park. Proof that I left the house!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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