Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dressing -Up!

Hey Guys!

Last night I had a little dressing up session, just playing about with different looks. This usually happens just before bed or before I have a hair wash after I've brush my hair properly. I love experimenting with my hair and it's easier after I've brushed it and separated all the curls. But it means after it's been brushed I HAVE to wash it other wise it becomes a massive frizz ball!

This look has a totally summer, festival vibe to it. It makes me uber jealous I won't be able to show it off to the amaze-balls line up at Glastonbury this year. Unless you fancy buying me a ticket? Maybe...? The floral top is a larger sized crop top. This means it gives the crop look well but still covers my tummy! But it curves at the front so the sides are higher which eases me into flashing the (one day) abs! Underneath my play suit, it looks really fun and the sleeves match the shape of the shorts. I've undone the zip a little to create a more relaxed shape to the play suit. As the floral design is busy and continuous, the blunt cut off to the top of the play suit didn't work well. This means the florals can flow freely! I'd probs wear the look with my white lacey dollie shoes, as it would match the pale base to the top and my skin tone. Anything dark would become an odd distraction to the main outfit.

When I came down to show my Mumma, she thought I'd actually chopped of my gorgeous locks! I had mentioned earlier in the day that I might juts hack it off. But no, I have deviously pined it back at the side. I put my hair into a side ponytail position and twisted it. I then made a swiss roll shape against my head, with the twisted side ponytail and pinned it in place. I forgot that I even had this headband, but I was a total barg from an Accessorize sale at Christmas. I've positioned it slightly further forward that I would usually wear a headband, and I think that adds to the festival look and appeal. I've slipped on a little pale pink lippy and away I go (to have my hair wash!). Also a nice addition is my coral nail polish, which matches the lippy.

I've had The Mend- Where Were You playing while I wrote this. Image overhaul or what?! It's write a funky little tune, a really old school sound. The Mend were on Britain's Got Talent Last year, I think?

 Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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