Sunday, 3 February 2013

Work that Leopard Print, Sista!

Hey Guys!
I've been Busy, Busy, Busy recently!But I have started back at work, so look out for more dazzlers that I wear to work!
This was my first day back after the Christmas holidays, outfit. I love the dress! Especially since it's got the leopard print collar AND pockets, I'm such a lucky girl! It's a Primark pleaser. I saw it last Autumn and thought £10 was a little steep for a simple shift dress. So natch, I waited for the sales and found the last dress which happened to be in my size for a fiver! Bonus! I've teamed it with a black cardigan and black leggings, since it was around the time the snow was just melting it's way out. I think that my sherling boots go so well with the dress since the furry lining matches the appeal of the pocket and collar lining.
When I brought home the dress, obvz, I gave a little catwalk in it. When showing my Dad he said, "Didn't you buy one exactly like that last week, with a leopard print collar?" I'm pretty impressed he remembered I bought the other one. But that was a black empire line, tie waist Peter Pan leopard print collar. Completely different, Honestly!
I love my hair in the second picture. I think that it looks really long and the curls are super pretty, even if I do say so my self. It's a little windswept too.
Thanks to Steph, who I work with, for taking my lovely piccys. Sneaky little tip: Think of dirty thought when having a photo taken, because it will give you a twinkle in your eye. Steph taught me that, but of course I'm faaarrr to innocent to think of dirty thoughts! HeHe!

I miss Top Tunes Tuesday, but I want to focus on the fashion elements of this blog. So to keep the musical vibes grooving, I'm going to let you know which tracks kept me bopping along whilst writing this blog. This post was written to Selena Gomez and the Scene: Sick of You and Justin Bieber: Yellow Raincoat. Both too darn catchy for their own good!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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